best mailchimp alternativeMailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools, but not a tool for everyone.

It is without a doubt a great tool and platform, but there are also situations where you might want to look for another option.

It can for example be a bit expensive, if you are just starting out with email marketing. Therefore, in this article I want to show you the best MailChimp alternative.

It is a free and awesome option that I have used a lot myself, and one that I definitely recommend you to check out, if you are looking for an alternative to MailChimp.

Why look for a MailChimp alternative?

So why would you even want to look for an alternative to MailChimp?

You might already have your own reasons, and I would love to hear them in a comment below the article, if they are different from my reasons, when I first started looking around for a good email marketing tool.

I want to make it clear that it is not beacuse MailChimp is not a good tool. It definitely is, but when I first wanted to start email marketing, it was also the only name I really knew.

I ended up joining, but there were certain things that kept me from really getting started.

One of the big reasons I had to look for another solution was the price. You can surely join MailChimp for free, but to be honest the free version has a lot of limitations.

So if you want to start email marketing from scratch, it can be great to get access to a tool that have all the features you need to really test how it works. The problem is just that when you are first starting out, you might not yet have the budget to pay for an upgrade version of MailChimp to get access to all you need.

You can definitely do a lot with the free version, but the limitations can become frustrating. And it makes it difficult to build a good email list and start getting an income that you can then invest into an upgrade. Also, without an upgrade you cannot get support in case you should need it – and there is a chance you do in the beginning.

So I would say that one of the main reasons to look for an alternative is, if you are just starting email marketing and want a free email marketing tool without restrictions, access to support, and where you can test without being afraid of having a monthly fee to pay for the tool.

Is there really a free alternative to MailChimp?

free alternative to mailchimpAs you might be aware, the term free is often used loosely in marketing.

Mostly, when you see that you can get free access to a tool, it is a trial or limited version with a lot of limitations.

This is of course fair enough, because if you run a business, you cannot give everything away for free. But sometimes it is also just used to lure you in, and then there are a lot of upsells for you.

The reason I am mentioning this here is that I actually found an email tool that is not using these techniques.

It is called MailerLite, and what I really love about it is that you can get full access for free. Only after you reach 1000 subscribers, you have to pay a monthly fee, and it does not have to be within a certain time. You even have access to a great support service with your free membership, and in my experience you usually get an answer within 30 minutes.

So it really gives you the chance to build your skills in email marketing and build an email list without any risk. You can keep the costs of your online business down and grow it without constantly worrying about the monthly cost. So yes, there really is an email marketing tool, you can use for free.

MailerLite vs MailChimp

So does MailerLite or MailChimp have the best and most features?

mailerlite vs mailchimp

Honestly, there is not that big a difference in what features and tools the two platforms offer. They both have great email automation options, templates for emails, campaign insights, forms that can help you grow your list, and the possibility to build landing pages.

MailChimp offers a few features that MailerLite does not, but they are more advanced options, so it depends on your needs, whether they are important or not. They are mainly Instagram and Facebook ad options, where you can build these ads with MailChimp based on the data you have from your users in MailChimp. The same option is available for Google remarketing ads.

However, MailerLite offers the option to try out the full platform completely for free up to 1000 subscribers, and even in the free version you have full access to support from their support staff, and you can send unlimited emails. This is unique for a tool like this, and because it at the same time has great features, it is definitely a tool worth checking out.

If you at some point need to upgrade, because you get more subscribers, MailerLite has better prices than MailChimp. Let’s look at that now, so you know what to expect later, if you decide to upgrade later.

Upgrading options compared

There are many prices on both MailerLite and MailChimp, as the upgrading prices depend on the amount of subscribers you have.

So I will just show you some examples to give you an idea of the price differences and what you can get for your money, if you want to upgrade to a paid version. Be aware that the prices are subject to change, so make sure to check the newest prices on the official websites, before you decide to upgrade or not.

upgrading prices

As you can see, there are quite big differences in the prices, and how many subscribers you can send to. However, when it comes to building your business, price is not everything. Quality is also very important.

In my experience both tools offer great quality, and they both offer great features that can help you grow your email list and grow your business through email marketing.

MailChimp has some extra features, and if these are important to you, then that is what you have to go for. MailerLite on the other hand makes it possible for you to get started with email marketing completely for free, so you can test email marketing without any risk and grow your email list for a smaller price.

Final thoughts

MailChimp is a great email marketing tool, but it also has some disadvantages.

If you are looking for another solution, MailerLite is definitely a tool to look into. It has great features, you can get access to all features for free, and even get great support with the free membership.

Whether MailChimp or MailerLite is the best solution depends a lot on your personal preferences, needs, and budget. But now at least you know, there is an alternative to MailChimp that gives great opportunities.

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If you have any questions, comments, or experiences with any of these email marketing tools yourself, feel free to leave a comment below. Would be great to hear your thoughts or questions.

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